PureTech Timing Belt Repair Kits

Lack of maintenance can lead to engine damage. VAICO offers the right repair kits for naturally aspirated and turbo versions of the PureTech engine.

The PureTech engine comes from the French automotive group PSA. Since 2014, these engines have been used in models from Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel. PureTech engines are known for their high performance, low consumption and low emissions.

PureTech engine weak point

The 1.2 PureTech engine from Peugeot / Citroen is controlled by a timing belt running in oil. Originally intended to be low-maintenance, it turns out that the belt’s coating comes off well before the first replacement interval and the belt swells. Loosened timing belt parts enter the oil circuit and clog the suction strainer of the oil pump. Over time, the oil pressure drops and the unit slowly seizes up. Engine damage is imminent!


PureTech engine problem symptoms

❌ Swollen timing belt
❌ Insufficient oil pressure
❌ Engine in emergency running


❌ Wet-running timing belt of the PureTech engine is disintegrating and components are being sucked in by the oil pump.


✔️ Replace timing belt and change PureTech engine oil.

PureTech timing belt repair kits from VAICO

The VAICO EXPERT KITS+ for naturally aspirated and turbo versions of the PureTech engine offer a comprehensive repair solution for this problem. They contain all necessary gaskets, spare parts including an improved timing belt as well as engine oil and oil filter to perform a complete change.

Advantages VAICO Repair Kits

✔️ Improved OE timing belt
✔️ Timing belt compatible oil in suitable quantity
✔️ All necessary gaskets and bolts for repair
✔️ Oil filter and oil drain plug

Timing Belt Set PureTech Engine
Timing Belt SetV22-0886 (1.2 PureTech turbo versions)
Timing Belt Set PureTech Engine
Timing Belt SetV22-0887 (1.2 PureTech naturally aspirated engine)

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