Tesla oil change

Why an oil change is important for Teslas too

Tesla has revolutionised the automotive industry with its electric innovations. Electric vehicles require less maintenance compared to conventional combustion engines. Maintenance often forgets to change the oil in the electric motor, which Tesla calls the “drive unit” and has an integrated reduction transmission.

Tesla Drive Unit

The Drive Unit reduction transmission is not a conventional change-speed transmission with several gears, but a direct component of the new permanent magnet synchronous motors, which will be used in all Model 3 and Y as well as in the newer Model S and X from 2021.

Lubrication and cooling

The direct-cooled, i.e. oil-immersed, electric motor of a Tesla needs lubrication to function smoothly and minimise wear. Transmission oil ensures that the gears and bearings inside the reduction transmission are well lubricated. It reduces friction and wear, resulting in longer component life.

In addition, the transmission oil also plays a role in cooling the electric motor. Since the drive unit generates heat during operation, the oil helps to dissipate this heat and keep the components at an optimal temperature. Overheating can cause damage and affect performance.

Contamination and wear

Over time, the transmission fluid in a Tesla can become contaminated by abrasion and other impurities. This can lead to increased wear on components and affect the performance of the drive unit. Regular oil changes help to remove these contaminants and keep the transmission fluid in good condition.


Electric Driveline Fluid for Direct-Cooled Electric Motors

VAICO EDF is an Electric Driveline Fluid specially developed for use in directly cooled electric motors. Through the use of low-viscosity base oils and state-of-the-art additive technology, VAICO EDF stands out from conventional products with its outstanding efficiency potential. The fluid not only offers excellent lubrication of the e-axle transmission, but also features excellent compatibility with electronic components as well as direct cooling of the e-motor. In addition, VAICO EDF offers excellent strength and conductivity properties.

EDF für Elektroautos
Electric Driveline FluidV60-0400

Field of application

VAICO EDF is ideally suited for use in TESLA Model 3 and Model Y transmissions, as well as all other models from model year 2021 onwards. The fluid can be mixed and used with conventional transmission oils without any problems. However, to take full advantage of VAICO EDF, it is recommended to avoid mixing with other transmission fluids and to perform a complete oil change when switching to VAICO EDF.

Advantages EDF from VAICO

✔️ High efficiency potential for direct-cooled electric motors
✔️ Low-viscosity base oils and state-of-the-art additive technology
✔️ Excellent compatibility with electronic components
✔️ Top-level performance
✔️ Oil Made in Germany

Hydraulic filter

When changing the oil on the drive units, the hydraulic filter should also be replaced to ensure functionality and durability. The filter removes dirt particles and impurities from the oil, which can reduce its filtering capacity over time. A new filter ensures effective filtration, smooth operation and protection of components. A clean filter also improves the efficiency and performance of the drive unit, as a clogged filter can impair oil flow and affect lubrication and cooling. Regular replacement of the filter in conjunction with transmission oil changes can extend the life of the transmission unit by minimising wear on gears, bearings and other components.

Oil Change Kits for Tesla Vehicles

VAICO offers carefully assembled oil change kits for the most popular Tesla models. These kits contain the exact amount of EDF fluid required, a hydraulic filter, a set of sealing rings and a filler and check plug. They are available for both four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive Tesla vehicles. With these oil change kits from VAICO, you can be sure that you have all the necessary components on hand for a smooth and efficient oil change.

Ölwechselkit Tesla V58-0003
Oil Change Kit for Tesla with Front Drive UnitV58-0003
Ölwechselkit Tesla V58-0004
Oil Change Kit for Tesla with Rear Drive UnitV58-0004


Even though Teslas are electric vehicles and require less maintenance than internal combustion vehicles, it is still important to keep an eye on the condition of the drive units and change the oil regularly. Proper lubrication and cooling of the electric motors and reduction gears contributes to the performance, efficiency and durability of your Tesla. In addition, performing oil changes can help identify and correct problems early to avoid costly repairs in the future. Therefore, be sure to meet your Tesla’s maintenance requirements to get the most out of your vehicle.

Moritz Helms

Product Manager

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