9-speed automatic transmission Mercedes-Benz

What is a 9-speed transmission (9G-TRONIC) and how does it work?

The automatic 9-speed transmission (9G-TRONIC) from Mercedes-Benz is a fully electronically controlled automatic transmission with 9 forward gears and additional reverse gear. The new gradations of the individual gears allow a constant low speed at a constant speed. This has significantly increased driving comfort and reduced fuel consumption by up to 6.5%. The direct control of the 9G-TRONIC (725.0) enables the vehicle to recognise the driver’s entitlement, e.g. when overtaking, and can skip several gears.

Which components can be find in the 9-speed transmission?

The 9G-TRONIC (725.0) has 4 planetary gear sets with 6 clutches. The torque converter is able to transmit the motor power without loss (slip). In order to reduce vibrations, a fly-force pendulum damper is additionally installed. On the one hand, this protects drive train components and, on the other, it significantly increases driving comfort.

Special feature

A special feature of the 725.0 transmission is the oil pump. This was called the “smallest transmission oil pump in the world” for publication and also finds its place in the gearbox. However, in case of high lubrication requirements, e.g. at high speeds, it is supported by an additional electronic oil pump, which is also located in the gearbox. The manufacture of these components involves tolerances in the µ range. Deposits on the installed valve block can lead to impairments in the transmission control or even destroy components completely. Just think of “the smallest transmission oil pump in the world”.


This makes it all the more important to comply with the manufacturer’s transmission oil change intervals and the quality of the materials used. Our VAICO transmission oil change kits meet these requirements 100%.

Transmission oil change kits from VAICO

VAICO offers different transmission oil change sets for 9G-TRONIC automatic transmissions:
The Basic EXPERT KIT+ V30-2377-BEK contains the oil pan, a set of screws (which also includes the transducer drain plug), the overflow pipe and a guide pipe.

Automatic transmission oil change V30-2377
Automatic transmission 9-speed oil change parts KitV30-2377-BEK

V30-2377 also supplies the right amount of automatic transmission oil for a professional oil change.

Our VAICO XXL Expert Kit+ V30-2377-XXL also has automatic transmission oil for flushing the transmission.

Automatic transmission oil change V30-2377-XXL
Automatic transmission 9-speed oil change parts KitV30-2377-XXL

Videos Transmission Oil Change with Expert-Kit+ V30-2377-XXL

Experience the transmission oil change with the Expert-Kit V30-2377-XXL in our videos. Step by step we show you the procedure of a transmission flush for 9G-Tronic transmissions.

Transmission flushing on the Mercedes GLC 250


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Transmission flushing on the Mercedes Benz E 300


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9G-Tronic transmission filter

On the first vehicles with 9G-Tronic transmission, such as the E-Class W212, there is an additional filter insert on the side under a plastic housing. It is important to also change this filter when flushing the transmission, as it is crucial to the functioning of the transmission. The filter serves to remove impurities and particles from the transmission oil before it enters the transmission. Over time, dirt particles, metal debris and other deposits can accumulate in the filter. These contaminants can affect the performance and life of the transmission by impeding the flow of oil and causing wear. If the filter is not changed, the accumulated contaminants remain in the filter and can immediately contaminate the fresh oil again.

Hydraulic Filter, automatic transmission
Hydraulic Filter, automatic transmissionV30-3624

Transmission oil change kits for hybrid vehicles

VAICO now also offers parts kits for changing transmission oil on 9G-Tronic transmissions of hybrid vehicles. These parts kits have been specially developed to meet the requirements of hybrid vehicles with 9G-Tronic transmissions and enable efficient and trouble-free transmission oil changes. For hybrid vehicles, regular maintenance is particularly important to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the drive system. With VAICO’s transmission oil change kits, you can be sure that you have all the necessary components for thorough maintenance.

Automatic transmission 9-speed oil change parts Kit Hybrid V30-3696
Automatic transmission 9-speed oil change parts KitV30-3696-BEK
Automatic transmission oil change Hybrid V30-3696
Automatic transmission 9-speed oil change parts KitV30-3696
Automatic transmission oil change Hybrid V30-3696-XXL
Automatic transmission 9-speed oil change parts KitV30-3696-XXL

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