HALDEX coupling, Oil change and repair

The HALDEX coupling is used by various vehicle manufacturers and models with all-wheel drive to also transmit the drive force to the normally non-driven axle if required.

All-wheel drive offers numerous advantages over front-wheel drive. Vehicles with all-wheel drive have better traction, better off-road capability and better and faster handling. There are various systems for transmitting the engine’s power to the road via all four wheels. The Haldex clutch is used in many models.

Function of the HALDEX coupling

The technique of distributing the drive forces is used, for example, in various VW models with 4Motion drive. Here, the rear axle is engaged when the front axle slips. This is done via the electro-hydraulically controlled multi-plate clutch, which can variably distribute the drive power. Due to the electronic control, a HALDEX coupling-based all-wheel drive is compatible with driving assistance systems such as ABS or ESP and also offers the advantage of being significantly more energy-efficient than a permanent all-wheel drive and is therefore recommended above all in compact and medium-sized vehicles.

Function Haldex coupling

To date, there have been 5 generations of the HALDEX coupling, which have been used in the following vehicle manufacturers and models since the first series application in 1998 (Audi A3 & TT quattro):

  • Audi A3 and TT (S3, RS3, TTS, TT RS).
  • BMW 1 Series (F40), 2 Series (F45/46), X1 (F48), X2 (F49)
  • Ford Kuga
  • Opel Insignia
  • Volvo V40, S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70, S80, XC90
  • Seat Alhambra, Altea, Leon, Ateca
  • VW Golf IV – VIII, Passat, Sharan, Caddy, Bora, Tiguan, T5, T6
  • Škoda Yeti, Octavia II, Octavia III, Superb II, Superb III, Kodiaq
  • Saab 9-3 XWD, 9-3X, 9-5 XWD
  • Land Rover Freelander, Evoque

VorladepumoeHaldex coupling Oil change and maintenance

The multi-plate clutch, which runs in an oil bath, is subject to wear and tear, especially when the clutch only transmits part of the drive force and is therefore not fully engaged (0 – 100% frictional engagement is possible). This abrasion is absorbed by the oil, but ensures that the clutch must be serviced at regular intervals (e.g. at VW every 3 years or after 30,000 km). If the oil and filter change is not carried out or is delayed, the contamination can cause functional problems or even damage the precharge pump responsible for building up the required oil pressure (see photo).

In addition to the individual hydraulic filters, oils and pumps, VAICO offers you various EXPERT KITS+ which, depending on the desired scope of service and repair, are supplied with or without a pump and include all the necessary assembly materials and the correct oil. Our comprehensive repair kits are professionally put together with a lot of know-how and offer a service extension to the manufacturer’s specification due to the extended scope of contents. Particularly worth mentioning is the application for e.g. VW vehicles with the Generation 4 clutch. Here, the vehicle manufacturer no longer provides for a filter change, so that this is also not available as a spare part from the vehicle manufacturer. VAICO is the only manufacturer to supply the corresponding EXPERT KIT V10-5600 with the matching V10-5000 filter. The corresponding KIT has undergone stringent quality tests in the VIEROL ACADEMY and has been tested in practical installation trials for accuracy of fit and function.


Functional problems with the Haldex coupling due to lack of maintenance


❌ Haldex all-wheel drive does not engage
❌ EPC warning light is on
❌ Oil loss / leakage

Reasons for failure

❌ Oil change interval due
❌ Haldex pre-charging pump defective / dirty
❌ Corrosion of pump housing (leaking)
❌ Haldex clutch oil change not carried out


✔️ Change the oil in the Haldex clutch
✔️ Replace the oil pump of the Haldex clutch

Haldex coupling oil change video

How do you change the oil in the Haldex clutch? In this video, we show how to change the oil in a Haldex clutch on a VW Tiguan and explain the disc system. We also replace the oil filter of the Haldex clutch and various seals. We use the EXPERT KIT V10-5600 from VAICO.


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If the pump also needs to be replaced, the next larger EXPERT KIT+ V10-6825, which also includes the pre-charge pump V10-6591, is a good choice.

Haldex coupling Oil change and pump
Repair set Haldex couplingV10-6825 – suitable for: Audi, VW

In addition, we recommend removing the pump each time the oil is changed in order to replace the oil strainer installed in front of the pump. For this purpose, we offer you the following 3 oil strainer kits, depending on the pump generation, which can be used across all vehicle manufacturers:

Haldex coupling oilchange Hydraulic Filter
Haldex coupling Hydraulic FilterV10-6662 – suitable for: Audi, VW

New Haldex repair solutions incl. sieve kit

Recommendation from the VAICO experts: The new VAICO repair solutions also include the Haldex sieve kit, so that when changing the oil and removing the Haldex pre-charging pump, the dirty sieve can be replaced and everything can be reassembled with new screws and sealing rings.

Haldex coupling Oil change, pump and sieve, V10-5753-XXL
Parts kit, Haldex coupling oil changeV10-5753-XXL – suitable for: Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda – Gen II
Haldex coupling Oil change, pump and sieve, V10-5600-XXL
Parts kit, Haldex coupling oil changeV10-5600-XXL – suitable for: Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda – Gen IV

Haldex coupling oil change and oil sieve replacement

Our new video shows how and why the oil filter of the oil pump of a Haldex coupling must be changed.


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The VAICO range for the maintenance and repair of HALDEX coupling of all generations comprises 65 items and of these, over 30 are specially compiled EXPERT KITS covering over 95% of the vehicle stock.

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