ATF Service Kits – Fluid with manufacturer approval

The even more efficient composition and the combination with transmission fluids with manufacturer approval make the VAICO ATF EXPERT KITS+ the best choice in the workshop!

VAICO transmission filter EXPERT KITS+ are practical repair solutions for the workshop. The transmission filter kits offer “All in one box!”. They contain exactly the right amount of transmission oil for a change, suitable transmission filters and seals as well as the appropriate installation material. This eliminates the need to identify and procure individual parts. Developed by our experts with decades of experience in the transmission sector, the EXPERT KITS+ fulfil the highest demands in terms of ease of installation and installation safety.

Improvements to our transmission filter kits

✔️ Transmission oil with manufacturer approval from Mercedes-Benz
✔️ Use of larger containers to reduce plastic waste
✔️ Containers are made from recycled material
✔️ Cardboard packaging for EXPERT KITS+ comes from sustainable forestry

VAICO operating fluids now with official manufacturer approval

VAICO operating fluids present themselves with brand new manufacturer approval! Our first-class transmission and engine oils not only bear the “Made in Germany” seal of quality, but now also fulfil the latest Mercedes-Benz operating fluid regulations.

VAICO automatic transmission oils are developed in close co-operation with a long-standing development partner of leading automotive brands and transmission manufacturers. The oil is intensively tested for its suitability for the respective engine or transmission type and then certified with an approval. Our VAICO transmission oils are precisely matched to the requirements of the latest transmission types from Mercedes-Benz.

Our ATF 14 and ATF 15 transmission oils carry the coveted Mercedes-Benz certification and have genuine manufacturer approval. This award not only emphasises the quality of our operating fluids, but also their full conformity with the highest standards of the automotive industry. VAICO fluids are therefore the ideal choice for optimising the performance and service life of vehicles.

VAICO ATF 14V60-0216
VAICO ATF 15V60-0220

Transmission filter kits in an environmentally friendly combination!!

VAICO transmission fluid change kits are developed not only for first-class performance, but also with a clear focus on efficiency and sustainability. The transmission professionals at VAICO rely on the environmentally friendly compositions of the EXPERT KITS+ to create field-proven transmission oil change kits that not only offer benefit and convenience, but are also a conscious choice for the environment.


The advantages of this sustainable approach are manifold. The EXPERT KITS+ are supplied as complete repair kits in robust boxes. By reducing the number of oil containers, less plastic waste is produced, which not only protects the environment, but also saves even more time during handling. In addition, the oil containers are made from recycled material, which further minimises the use of plastic. The optimised packaging is in FSC-certified cardboard boxes, which guarantee environmentally friendly production.


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Despite the clear focus on sustainability, no compromises are made in terms of quality when developing VAICO transmission filter kits. The kits not only have manufacturer approval, but also a standardised article number to ensure easy identification and procurement. The even more efficient composition and the combination with transmission oils with manufacturer approval make the VAICO EXPERT KITS+ the best choice in the workshop – for sustainable and high-performance automatic transmission repair.

Parts Kit, automatic transmission oil change V30-2254
Parts Kit, automatic transmission oil change 7 lV30-2254
Parts Kit, automatic transmission oil change V30-2258
Parts Kit, automatic transmission oil change 7 lV30-2258


Moritz Helms

Product Manager

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