EOLYS additive pump repair kits

Fair value solutions from VEMO for exhaust gas cleaning

As an intelligent system in diesel vehicles, EOLYS plays a decisive role in exhaust gas purification. The associated EOLYS additive is mixed into the fuel to increase the efficiency of exhaust gas purification.

How does EOLYS work?

When diesel fuel is burnt, soot particles are produced which are captured in the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and burnt through regeneration. This usually requires an exhaust gas temperature of approx. 600°C. The addition of the EOLYS additive changes this dynamic. The melting point of the soot particles is shifted downwards by approx. 100°C, so that combustion in the particulate filter begins at 500°C. This leads to more efficient cleaning of the DPF.

Functional problems with an EOLYS system that is not working correctly


❌ Activation of the engine control light (MIL)
❌ Reduced engine power
❌ Increased soot emissions, reduced efficiency of exhaust gas purification
❌ Error codes in the on-board computer (P2002/2003, P242F, P244B, P2459, P143496)

Reasons for failure

❌ Incorrect or insufficient addition of EOLYS
❌ Empty additive tank
❌ Defective additive pump


✔️ Change additive pump
✔️ Change additive tank unit

Fair value solutions from VEMO

If the EOLYS system is defective, it is not always necessary to replace the entire fuelling unit. VEMO offers a cost-effective repair solution in which a new additive pump is installed in the existing fuelling unit. This saves costs and protects the environment. VEMO offers repair solutions for both newer systems (plugged pump) and older systems (bonded pump).

Additive pump repair kit
Additive pump repair kit (without adhesive)V22-68-0031
Additive pump repair kit
Additive pump repair kit (with adhesive)V22-68-0034

VEMO also offers appropriate repair solutions in the event of a defect in the fuelling unit, such as a leak.

Tank unit, additive
Tank unit, additive V22-68-0006

Marten Bruhn

Product Manager

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