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Modern air suspension systems offer added value for safety in mid-range and luxury class vehicles. Air suspension allows suspension profiles to be set from comfortable to sporty and adapted to road holding and handling.

The air compressors play a special role in the system. Through the electric compressor and the control valves, it is possible to change the pressure ratios in the air spring for suspension adjustment and thus have a significant influence on ride comfort. The compressor consists of an electric motor, compressor and pressure tank. Sensors control the system to regulate the pressure in the air spring for optimal driving conditions.

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Fabio Klotz, VIEROL AG product manager and automotive technician for the VEMO brand: “Lack of maintenance or replacing a defective air spring too late can lead to consequential damage. There is a risk that the compressor will be destroyed. Other reasons for failure are a defective electric motor, a failure of the compressor or a leak in the pressure vessel. This leads to poorer road holding, unsteady driving and increased tyre wear.”

The air spring, like all rubber components, is a wearing part. Most problems in the area of air suspension are caused by breakage or wear of the air spring. Another source of error is in most cases not the compressor itself, but the associated relay. A defective, faulty relay causes the compressor to be permanently controlled electrically and leads to malfunctions and failure in the air suspension compressor. Fabio Klotz recommends changing the relay when replacing the compressor.

The specialists at VEMO have developed a customised complete solution for the replacement. The practice-oriented repair kits contain the air compressor and the matching relay. This has resulted in further repair kits with the EXPERT KITS seal – the award for the simplest and most time-saving maintenance possible.

The VEMO air suspension range includes air suspension dampers and/or air suspension with separate electronic shock absorbers, electronic control units (ECU), air compressors, control valves, pressure tanks, level sensors and relays.

With the VEMO air suspension repair kits, workshop professionals make the right choice. The EXPERT KITS+ not only make it easier to find the individual components, but they are also precisely matched to the respective vehicle, so that a repair is a piece of cake.

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Fabio Klotz

Product Manager

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