Technology for vehicle trailers and motorhomes

The lighting on the vehicle is of great importance for technically flawless equipment.

Whether LED trailer lighting and lighting bars or also vehicle lamps (bulbs) in the most common designs such as H7 or xenon versions. Maximum safety with the right vehicle lighting is guaranteed with VEMO products. Of course, the range also includes 7-pin car sockets with plastic housing or 13-pin plugs for rear fog lights as well as car adapters.

Power supply and interior fittings

A solid and reliable power supply is indispensable for motorhomes, caravans but also for the latest generation of vehicles with electric or hybrid drive. VEMO – a brand that looks back on a long experience in the field of vehicle electronics – also offers a suitable range with products of the highest quality, including CEE adapter cables and CEE extension cables with plugs and mating plugs. The product range also includes high-quality charging cables with Type 2 plugs (EU standard), which are suitable for many different vehicles. Mobile charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles with Schuko plugs are also increasingly being used. Here, independence from wallboxes is guaranteed and practical functions such as preselection of the charging time and the charging start time increase the convenience of use.

Speaking of comfort:

A healthy indoor climate and good interior design make for more stress-free journeys in the car, van, caravan or motor home. Innovative products make many a long drive easier. Here, car fragrances made from essential oils have proven their worth and, in combination with biofunctional vehicle filters and air purifiers, offer the driver and passengers an individually coordinated wellness setup in the vehicle interior. Well-being and performance are enhanced while driving or during a stop.

Tip: Use products from VEMO and VAICO for maintenance, care and equipment so that you can travel safely and comfortably with your motorhome, caravan and car.

Product examples

Charging station
Charging station, electric vehicleV99-27-0003
Combination Rearlight Set
Combination Rearlight SetV98-66006
Charge Cable
Charge CableV99-27-0001

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