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The times when independent garages dealt exclusively with older vehicles are over. More and more cars with alternative drive technology are making their way to the garages. With “Green Mobility Solutions” VIEROL ensures access to replacement parts for the maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid cars. The Green Mobility Parts product range includes more than 8,000 items for a wide variety of assemblies.

We electricise your business – with next generation spare parts!

Green Mobility Solutions LogoWhether it’s in full or plug-in hybrids, or even in electric cars, alternative drive technology is on the rise worldwide. With an extensive product portfolio in the category “Green Mobility Solutions”, VIEROL AG provides retailers and garages in the replacement parts market with an assortment for a wide range of vehicle brands. Together with their colleagues from product management, the experts in the ACADEMY – the development centre of VIEROL AG – are able to draw on a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise. This enables to offer products from a variety of areas for vehicles with new drive technologies, including sensors, electric motors, electronic components, and mechanical parts.


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Numerous systems – more than 8,000 items

Electromobility includes all those vehicles that are powered by an electric motor and draw their energy predominantly from the electricity grid, i.e. can be charged externally. This also includes vehicles that combine an electric motor with a combustion engine, such as plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), mild hybrid (MHEV) or full hybrid vehicles (FHEV). It is particularly important that these vehicles can be charged externally via the mains. You will find suitable high-quality and robust charging cables in original equipment quality for all common electric and hybrid vehicles as well as charging stations and wallboxes with type 2 plugs (EU standard) in our VEMO range.

Charging cable – product features & info:

✔️ Waterproof, weatherproof (protection class IP 44)
✔️ Temperature resistant -30° C to +50° C
✔️ According to IEC 62196 standard

Charging cable for electric vehicles
Charging cable – for European electric vehiclesV99-27-0001
Charging cable for electric vehicles
Charging cable – for Asian electric vehiclesV99-27-0002

Green Mobility Solutions – suitable for Tesla

The Green Mobility Solutions product line also offers a wide selection of high-quality spare parts designed specifically for Tesla vehicles. Our range includes not only control arms / wheel suspensions, but also a variety of sensors as well as practical transmission oil change kits. Our spare parts meet Tesla’s high standards and requirements and guarantee optimal functionality.

Track Control Arm, suitable for Tesla
Track Control Arm – suitable for Tesla Model XV58-0218
Parts Kit, automatic transmission oil change, suitable for Tesla
Parts Kit, automatic transmission oil change, suitable for Tesla Model 3/S/X/YV58-0004
Getriebe Ölwechsel Kit, passend für Tesla
Tesla oil changeWhy an oil change is important for Teslas too

Varied selection for popular vehicle models

Other highlights in the product range for popular vehicle series include suspension parts, wheel bearing sets and thermal products for various Toyota hybrid models. Wishbones and the electric water pump are available for the VW E-Golf, sensors, washer pumps, plungers and coolant for the Audi A3 E-Tron can also be found in the range. For the Renault Zoe, VIEROL offers engine mounts, suspension strut support mounts and switches for the comfort systems in the Green Mobility Solutions section.

Sensor, coolant temperature for VW ID
Sensor, coolant temperature, suitable for VW ID3/ID4V10-99-0001
Switch, window regulator for Renault-Zoe
Switch, window regulator, suitable for Renault-ZoeV46-73-0052
Door Lock for VW E-Golf
Door Lock, suitable for VW-e-GolfV10-85-0076

Ibrahim Chahrour

Head of Marketing & Product Management

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