Sustainability in focus

Recyclate containers for operating fluids

Responsible and sustainable business is at the heart of VIEROL AG. These principles are deeply anchored in our corporate values and are reflected in a variety of measures that underline our ecological responsibility and drive environmentally friendly solutions.

Sustainability is fundamental to our long-term success and is therefore firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. We take into account not only ecological, but also social and economic aspects. Our established initiatives include quality, energy and environmental management programmes. One outstanding example is our innovative energy concept for our logistics centre, which relies entirely on renewable energies and is supported by photovoltaics, a combined heat and power plant, intelligent heat recovery and LED lighting.

Our sustainability efforts span the entire value chain, from product development to purchasing and shipping logistics. We pay particular attention to ecological factors in order to minimise our impact on the environment. One example of this is our product management, which pays attention to the efficient use of resources when developing VAICO repair solutions. In close cooperation with our suppliers and manufacturers, we look for environmentally friendly packaging solutions to reduce the use of plastic.

Less plastic consumption through recycled containers

One of our initiatives that deserves special mention is the decision to use recycled containers in the production of operating materials. These innovative containers require significantly less new plastic and consist of 30 per cent recycled material (PCR content). In addition, it was extensively tested in advance that the new material does not affect the product or the stability of the container even during longer storage. The only difference is a somewhat coarser surface, which is why the embossing of the “fill level indicator” had to be enlarged somewhat to ensure legibility. We are thus making an important contribution to the circular economy by integrating secondary raw materials into production. This not only conserves resources, but also reduces CO2 emissions because we buy from regional manufacturers. In addition, the production of PCR material is usually more energy-efficient than the production of new plastic, which also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. This measure underlines the commitment of our quality brand VAICO to sustainable vehicle maintenance and the protection of our environment.

Our sustainability strategy is based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which guide us on our way to a more sustainable future in the automotive industry. We are determined to live up to our ecological responsibility and make an active contribution to sustainable development. With a spirit of innovation and determination, we are sending a clear signal for a greener future.

Ibrahim Chahrour

Head of Marketing & Product Management

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