Dust and Diesel Rallye

VIEROL supports Jörg and Volker at the Dust and Diesel Rallye

The Dust and Diesel Rally is more than just an adventurous drive – it is a humanitarian aid project in which old cars are transported from Germany to Africa and auctioned off there in aid of an orphanage project. Jörg and Volker from Oldenburg set off with the support of VIEROL to take part in this unique adventure in an old Mercedes W 124.

VIEROL’s contribution to the adventure

VIEROL, a company specialising in spare parts, equipped the two adventurers with desert-compatible spare parts from the VEMO and VAICO brands. This made a Mercedes W 124 fit for the challenges of the rally, which leads through various countries all the way to Senegal. The conversion not only included the high-quality spare parts, but also a special fit-for-the-desert EXPERT KITS+, which contains all the important parts for maintenance and possible short repairs.

In addition to the technical support, VIEROL presented the two rally participants with a generous donation of €1,000 for the aid project. A gesture that shows that VIEROL not only supplies products, but also assumes social responsibility

The journey and the finale

After 21 days of adventure and breathtaking landscapes, the Dust and Diesel Rally is now officially over. The route took the participants from Germany via France and Spain to Morocco and through the Mauritanian desert to Senegal. A journey that required not only technical expertise, but also endurance and team spirit.

Volker and Jörg successfully mastered the rally and their Mercedes W 124, equipped with spare parts from VEMO and VAICO, not only overcame the challenges of the route, but is now being auctioned off for a good cause. The proceeds will go to the German-Mauritanian aid project for disadvantaged children in Mauritania.

VIEROL is proud to have been part of this unforgettable rally and to have made a contribution to a good cause. The combination of a thirst for adventure, technical expertise and social commitment makes this story an inspiring journey. The Dust and Diesel Rally shows that it’s not just about the destination, but also about the journey and the shared mission to give disadvantaged children a better future.


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Ibrahim Chahrour

Head of Marketing & Product Management

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