Premium data quality – TecAlliance certifies VIEROL as a “Premier Data Supplier”

TecAlliance GmbH, provider of the leading spare parts catalogue system in the independent spare parts market, has certified the high-quality brands VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJA from VIEROL as providing excellent data quality, earning TecDoc certification as a Premier Data Supplier.

The Premier Data Supplier title is awarded to data suppliers who meet the company’s stringent product data quality requirements. TecAlliance confers the status of Premium Data Supplier on those parts manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket who provide full and accurate product information for the TecDoc catalogue. The electronic TecDoc catalogue is the world’s leading spare parts catalogue for the independent aftermarket and a vital tool for helping retailers and workshops to identify spare parts. The inclusion of VIEROL AG as a Premier Data Supplier is an important indicator of the company’s data quality, which also underpins its own electronic catalogue at

“This new status as a Premier Data Supplier is validation of our commitment to our work as a data supplier and clearly demonstrates that our data more than satisfies the highest quality standards. The recognition also provides an impetus for us to continue to rising to the challenge of meeting ongoing developments and requirements at TecDoc and to work intensively to improve our data quality in the future,” says Anne Süß, Head of Data & Global Strategic Pricing.

The tightening of data quality rules in relation to ongoing standardization, thus aiding clear and reliable identification of spare parts, and the stricter requirements governing data relevance have required the data management team at VIEROL to revise many thousands of data records. Data, product and IT specialists at VIEROL AG have to work closely to ensure compliance with the performance characteristics and KPIs required to maintain certification. “This award is further recognition of our first-rate teamwork”, Anne Süß continues. “The Data Management team collaborated closely with our TecAlliance colleagues to achieve an excellent result,” she explains. “Regular discussion meetings with TecAlliance empowered us and provided useful knowledge,” the data specialist points out.

VIEROL provides users with the key information required to find the right spare part quickly and easily. The EXPERT KITS+ section in particular makes searching for parts extremely simple. These impressive repair kits consist of high-quality components grouped together to provide practical solutions. The components in the EXPERT KITS+ are perfectly matched to one another and are designed for easy identification and straightforward repair. “VIEROL AG helps TecAlliance to improve the data quality of the catalogue systems used in the independent automotive spare parts market and to establish cohesive industry standards to ensure that our customers can always find accurate spare parts data. Certification as a Premier Data Supplier enhances trust in our quality brands,” explains Ibrahim Chahrour, Head of Marketing & Product Management.

This award is the second good news story for VIEROL AG in relation to TecDoc requirements. At the beginning of the year, parts specialists from VEMO, VAICO & ACKOJA announced the inclusion of 360° images for most of the catalogue listing. As well as accessing comprehensive parts data, customers can now view the products from different installation angles and even rotate them and zoom in to help with identification. This makes it even easier for users to ensure that they have selected the spare part they require.

“VIEROL is one of the first companies to provide 360° views of items for all its brands in the TecDoc catalogue, which makes it much easier for customers to search for parts,” Ibrahim Chahrour continues. “These new features improve usability for wholesalers and independent workshops in conjunction with the technical information and certified data quality we provide as a Premier Data Supplier in the TecDoc catalogue. This benefits customers all over the world.”

Ibrahim Chahrour

Head of Marketing & Product Management

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