DSG dual-clutch gearbox

The 7-speed DSG transmission (0AM, DQ200) from VW is an electronically controlled dual-clutch transmission. It is considered one of the most important technical innovations of recent years.

VW 7-speed dual-clutch transmission DSG (0AM, DQ200)

The DSG transmission combines the comfort of an automatic transmission with the efficiency and dynamics of a manual gearbox. It is therefore not surprising that more than 50% of the VW Group’s newly registered vehicles are now delivered with dual-clutch gearboxes.

DSG transmission maintenance (0AM, DQ200)

The transmission has two dry clutches and two separate oil reservoirs for the mechanics with normal gearbox oil and hydraulic oil in the mechatronics. Unlike its bigger brother, the DQ250, there is no prescribed maintenance interval for the DQ200. According to the vehicle manufacturer, no oil change is required. However, in order to prevent shifting problems, VAICO recommends changing the oil regularly (every 5 years / 100,000 km). We offer various EXPERT KITS+ for changing the oil in dual clutch transmissions:  The parts kit V10-5582 can be used to change the oil incl. filter at both oil reservoirs. V10-5582-SP1 is suitable for changing the hydraulic oil, V10-5582-SP2 for changing the gearbox oil.

Parts Kit, automatic transmission oil change

A3, Golf VII, Passat, Scirocco, Leon

X-Ref: 0AM 325 433 E kit V10-5582


Repair DSG transmission (0AM, DQ200)

The DQ200 transmission has a weak point on the valve body of the mechatronics. Cracks or even fractures in the housing for the pressure accumulator occur very frequently, which are noticeable through symptoms such as shifting problems and oil loss via the ventilation of the mechatronics. In most cases, a corresponding error code (e.g. “P17BF: Hydraulic pump backlash protection active”) is output. To remedy this problem, we at VEMO have developed two different repair solutions without using new mechatronics from the vehicle manufacturer. The costs can thus be significantly reduced!

1. Replacement of the complete valve body:

With this repair solution, the mechatronics are removed from the vehicle and the valve body is repaired with our EXPERT KITS V10-86-0006 or V10-86-0006-XXL (incl. oil) and all included seals are replaced.

A3,Golf,Passat,Leon, Octavia DQ200

X-Ref: 0AM 325 066 AE kit2 V10-86-0006-XXL

2. Installation of a new pressure accumulator without removing the mechatronics:

To further minimise costs, our EXPERT KITS V10-86-0008 or V10-86-0008-XXL (incl. oil) can be used to mount a new pressure accumulator incl. flange on the defective valve body without removing the mechatronics. The required special tools and assembly material are already included in our kits.

Doppelkupplungsgetriebe Reparatursatz V10-86-0008-XXL

Moritz Helms

Product Manager

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